Frozen and Ageless

Winters brazen contempt for life continues with full force. Everything brittle. Everything silent. Everything dead. A constant barrage of temperatures well below zero with wind-chills to accent frozen death to all things warm. Battles with failing furnaces and frozen pipes have equated to a deprivation of funds. Life in the north. Climate change, etc. Winters is a cold mistress. Bitter and angry with us this year. She killed old man winter. And winters whore is merely decay. Silent bodies meditating in stillness. And yet with all the depression, the lack of vitamin D, the frozen appendages something emerges. A new dawn. As if the suns light freezes upon the landscape of mornings golden dawn. Moments and emotions frozen in time. What light brings. What light diminishes. A wilting of all things and yet how can there be new growth in this frozen landscape. Something deeper lives here. Something more device than what is known. This is where WILT lives. The sub level of the sub basement.

2012 saw the completion of an inspired necronomicon opus "From Depths Profound and Inconceivable" and "A Daemonic Alteration". Transcendental frequencies juxtaposed against ritual. Was the silver we used pure? While the sage burned. Still to come, yet to be released. Maybe this year. Only the fates can forecast its emergence. Hands off and un-controlling. And then, silence. Summer arose. Silence. Isolation. Silence. And fall came to us. Then winter. 2013. A new dawn. "This Black Void, A Heaven" complete. Three discs of audio like a lost book from Solomon's library. Eight long years of development, stained papers wrought with indescribable notes. The exploration of the acoustic, the synthetic and the obscure. But who. Who would dare share in this vision? The book is visually still being written. Then came part 2 of the old ones soundtrack. "Grotesque Romanticism". The summit of all ancient knowledge. Parallel to this was the expedition soundtrack. Russia. Mountains. People frozen, death by radiation. The true story. This was their reality.

2014 sees the 15th anniversary of WILT. 7.5 + 7.5 = 15. We slip from one rotation to the next. The year will bring....

Crucial Blast Review :: WILT/CROWN OF BONE - Neurosis of Enthrallment

The Crown Of Bone onslaught continues unabated, with the umpteenth new release from this ultra-prolific black noise project, here sharing space with the blackened electronics of Wilt. Neurosis Of Enthrallment features several tracks from both artists, contrasting the stygian industrial crush of Wilt with CoB's distorted holocaust as it leads up to a monstrous half-hour collaboration between the two that caps off the disc. Might just be my favorite split that Crown of Bone has vomited up so far.
Wilt starts things off with two long tracks of sinister industrial dread, doom-laden drift and subterranean concrete creep. The first, "The Weight Of Chains Break The Backs Of Men", blends together droning distorted synths and bleary chunks of disembodied doom metal guitar into a bleak black expanse of droning dark ambience; throughout the track, strange rattling noises and scraping sounds continuously lurk in the depths, echoing against the walls of Wilt's dank catacomb drones. It's somewhere in between Lustmord's abyssal ambience and the leaden metallic drones of early Sunn O))), smeared with scuttling cracked electronics and mysterious noises. The second track ("A Room With No Light Produce Hallucinations For The Beaten Down") is more abstract, evolving from a lightless pit where unseen talons scrape across limestone walls and streaks of corrosive electronic noise sears through the blackness, into deep drones that slowly pulsate within clouds of swirling black mold, slowly dissipating into spacious subterranean emptiness.
Which just makes the brutal cacophony that follows all the more jarring, as Crown Of Bone blasts out the vicious black noise of "Catacombs Of Enslavement". A raging torrent of ultra-abrasive distortion, blackened guitar riffs and monstrous howling vocals run through a mile of effects, it's along the same lines of his other releases, a violent mash-up of deformed black metal elements and harsh noise wall, ultra dense and suffocating, the roaring chaos continually spiking with glitchy electronic noises, swirling effects and faint strains of eerie melody that flows right into "Mass Graves Of The Institutional", an equally harsh blast of suffocating black static infested with cavernous screams and traces of blackened guitar.
The final thirty-five minute track "Neurosis Of Enthrallment" takes shape as a bleary, out-of-focus dronescape inhabited by distant gusting winds, droning black synths, streaks of indistinct orchestral sound and pulsating electronic tones, part horror movie score, part minimal Lustmordian drift. Definitely closer to Wilt's blackened dronescapes than CoB's brutal noise at first, the sound ghostly and cinematic, vast metallic drones echoing across great lightless distances, but as it approaches the end, the funereal drift is slowly consumed in crushing waves of black, incendiary distortion. Gloriously oppressive stuff that ranks as some of the heaviest from either artist, highly recommended to black industrial junkies. Comes on a professionally manufactured Cdr in jewel case packaging, released in a limited edition of just one hundred copies.

Many thanks Adam!

Psychic Constellation :: Now Available

"Psychic Constellation, where does it reside? What does it mean? It is the zone deep within our sub-conscious where emotions and memories swirl about. Draping over stone facades of psychology and mirroring deep into the pool of the dream state. The realm of dreams, nightmares and the physical aspects of night terrors. We see each night the effect of ourselves manifesting into the abstract. Some are bound by the negative or an elusive fusion of the positive and negative overlapping. We can hear the tonal creation of two individuals experience and affliction over eight masterly crafted tracks. Delving between the surreal to the bombastic to the troubled. Symbolism personified through sound. WILT and En Nihil share and artistic expression of their personal psychology with us to reveal troubled states of mind. And are haunted by the unconscious state. Meaningless associations become coherent yet obscure at the same time. A sequence of confused mental projections amplified and envisioned from the sounds and images awake strong emotions and a closer look into the psyche of these two masterclass artists."

$12 US / $20 World PPD

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Wow, 73 minutes long! That’s a nice long tape. Wilt (US) is a group consisting of two guys playing really dark noise/industrial kind of stuff. They have one of those spidery black metal type of logos and so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was 73 minutes of dark heavy noise/death industrial kind of stuff rather than 73 minutes of black metal. Now, I like Black Metal a lot, but show me a 73 minute record by Darkthrone, Von, or Burzum and I’ll show you a record that has bonus tracks or something. All of the tracks have gothic emo type of names, and the cover of the release has a gothic emo kind of transvestites/The Crow look to it. Track one, “The Soil Begins To Smother Him,” is a really nice heavy noise track with a dark underlying melody. Builds up over a long period of time to a nice crunch with some other parts fading kind of in and out. The theme of this record seems to be about having an issue with women a little, like how women cause problems and pain maybe, stuff like that. Like I said, kind of a gothic emo sort of feel. The track gets into some nice textures and sounds as it goes on though… dark ambience in a dark warehouse kind of feel, echoing percussive blasts and almost wall-like noise with a propulsive intensity pushing it along very nicely. Long track that is nice and atmospheric, setting the tone for the rest of the release. There is some really nice stuff on this tape, overall it is very chill and provides a good long-term listening experience… a tape that will be on for a little while once you press play.
“A Blanket And The Density Of The Falling Sun” moves things along quite nicely- a forceful and atmospheric track with screeching vocal-like sounds that could also be stabs of feedback. The production is dense, with lush looping synth melodies moving in and out of a ghostly mist that finally fades into a dark industrial void. A slow rhythm pounds and a weird flute-like sounds floats in erratically like a butterfly, flittering about wildly. The track has an exotic feel to it that takes the record even further into its own territory, beyond even the dark industrial sounds of the first track. The organic, jamming nature of the sounds, and the stark production, remind me a lot of the Belgian industrial group Militia. Some up-front vocals come in with a snarling, black metal feel to them. the songs on this release are all pretty long, but there is a steady atmosphere that carries it along throughout the release. The final track on here, “A Small Opening In Her,” has a lot of nice noise and scrapes and stuff, reminding me of dark ambient/death industrial mixing in with a little bit of an old school Black Leather Jesus/Macronympha kind of stuff. It’s a good ending to the first side and really picks things up a bit after the three songs in a row that were kind of similar in mood.
Side two opens with “Slowly Bleeding A Deep Red Syrup Painted With The Hopes And Dreams Of A Fruitless Truth,” and it is just as profound sounding as you would expect from the title. A rumbling wall noise kind of sound crosses with a keyboard wash of ambient minimalist kind of stuff, very pretty actually. Overall this is a very dark and brooding noise release with some really cool ambient touches and an overall old-school approach and sound. It is a really enjoyable tape with a strong atmospheric quality to it, and Danvers State did a great job putting it together as always. Nice, enjoyable release, with some really nice sounds to be found within.
Rating: 4.5/5
Written by: Joseph Gates
Danvers State Recordings (US) – Format: Cassette Limited Edition,C73 – Cat. # DSR36
Genre: Harsh Noise/Industrial
1. The Soil Begins To Smother Him
2. A Blanket And The Density Of The Falling Sun
3. She
4. A Small Opening In Her
5. Slowly Bleeding A Deep Red Syrup Painted With The Hopes And Dreams Of A Fruitless Truth
6. Futility/Breathe
7. To Kill The One She Loves
8. The Nightside Of Eden

Original Link: HERE
VBERKVLT - Mixtape

It's not WILT but just as sick. Enjoy.