Frozen and Ageless

Winters brazen contempt for life continues with full force. Everything brittle. Everything silent. Everything dead. A constant barrage of temperatures well below zero with wind-chills to accent frozen death to all things warm. Battles with failing furnaces and frozen pipes have equated to a deprivation of funds. Life in the north. Climate change, etc. Winters is a cold mistress. Bitter and angry with us this year. She killed old man winter. And winters whore is merely decay. Silent bodies meditating in stillness. And yet with all the depression, the lack of vitamin D, the frozen appendages something emerges. A new dawn. As if the suns light freezes upon the landscape of mornings golden dawn. Moments and emotions frozen in time. What light brings. What light diminishes. A wilting of all things and yet how can there be new growth in this frozen landscape. Something deeper lives here. Something more device than what is known. This is where WILT lives. The sub level of the sub basement.

2012 saw the completion of an inspired necronomicon opus "From Depths Profound and Inconceivable" and "A Daemonic Alteration". Transcendental frequencies juxtaposed against ritual. Was the silver we used pure? While the sage burned. Still to come, yet to be released. Maybe this year. Only the fates can forecast its emergence. Hands off and un-controlling. And then, silence. Summer arose. Silence. Isolation. Silence. And fall came to us. Then winter. 2013. A new dawn. "This Black Void, A Heaven" complete. Three discs of audio like a lost book from Solomon's library. Eight long years of development, stained papers wrought with indescribable notes. The exploration of the acoustic, the synthetic and the obscure. But who. Who would dare share in this vision? The book is visually still being written. Then came part 2 of the old ones soundtrack. "Grotesque Romanticism". The summit of all ancient knowledge. Parallel to this was the expedition soundtrack. Russia. Mountains. People frozen, death by radiation. The true story. This was their reality.

2014 sees the 15th anniversary of WILT. 7.5 + 7.5 = 15. We slip from one rotation to the next. The year will bring....

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