Psychic Constellation :: Now Available

"Psychic Constellation, where does it reside? What does it mean? It is the zone deep within our sub-conscious where emotions and memories swirl about. Draping over stone facades of psychology and mirroring deep into the pool of the dream state. The realm of dreams, nightmares and the physical aspects of night terrors. We see each night the effect of ourselves manifesting into the abstract. Some are bound by the negative or an elusive fusion of the positive and negative overlapping. We can hear the tonal creation of two individuals experience and affliction over eight masterly crafted tracks. Delving between the surreal to the bombastic to the troubled. Symbolism personified through sound. WILT and En Nihil share and artistic expression of their personal psychology with us to reveal troubled states of mind. And are haunted by the unconscious state. Meaningless associations become coherent yet obscure at the same time. A sequence of confused mental projections amplified and envisioned from the sounds and images awake strong emotions and a closer look into the psyche of these two masterclass artists."

$12 US / $20 World PPD

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