Crucial Blast Review :: WILT/CROWN OF BONE - Neurosis of Enthrallment

The Crown Of Bone onslaught continues unabated, with the umpteenth new release from this ultra-prolific black noise project, here sharing space with the blackened electronics of Wilt. Neurosis Of Enthrallment features several tracks from both artists, contrasting the stygian industrial crush of Wilt with CoB's distorted holocaust as it leads up to a monstrous half-hour collaboration between the two that caps off the disc. Might just be my favorite split that Crown of Bone has vomited up so far.
Wilt starts things off with two long tracks of sinister industrial dread, doom-laden drift and subterranean concrete creep. The first, "The Weight Of Chains Break The Backs Of Men", blends together droning distorted synths and bleary chunks of disembodied doom metal guitar into a bleak black expanse of droning dark ambience; throughout the track, strange rattling noises and scraping sounds continuously lurk in the depths, echoing against the walls of Wilt's dank catacomb drones. It's somewhere in between Lustmord's abyssal ambience and the leaden metallic drones of early Sunn O))), smeared with scuttling cracked electronics and mysterious noises. The second track ("A Room With No Light Produce Hallucinations For The Beaten Down") is more abstract, evolving from a lightless pit where unseen talons scrape across limestone walls and streaks of corrosive electronic noise sears through the blackness, into deep drones that slowly pulsate within clouds of swirling black mold, slowly dissipating into spacious subterranean emptiness.
Which just makes the brutal cacophony that follows all the more jarring, as Crown Of Bone blasts out the vicious black noise of "Catacombs Of Enslavement". A raging torrent of ultra-abrasive distortion, blackened guitar riffs and monstrous howling vocals run through a mile of effects, it's along the same lines of his other releases, a violent mash-up of deformed black metal elements and harsh noise wall, ultra dense and suffocating, the roaring chaos continually spiking with glitchy electronic noises, swirling effects and faint strains of eerie melody that flows right into "Mass Graves Of The Institutional", an equally harsh blast of suffocating black static infested with cavernous screams and traces of blackened guitar.
The final thirty-five minute track "Neurosis Of Enthrallment" takes shape as a bleary, out-of-focus dronescape inhabited by distant gusting winds, droning black synths, streaks of indistinct orchestral sound and pulsating electronic tones, part horror movie score, part minimal Lustmordian drift. Definitely closer to Wilt's blackened dronescapes than CoB's brutal noise at first, the sound ghostly and cinematic, vast metallic drones echoing across great lightless distances, but as it approaches the end, the funereal drift is slowly consumed in crushing waves of black, incendiary distortion. Gloriously oppressive stuff that ranks as some of the heaviest from either artist, highly recommended to black industrial junkies. Comes on a professionally manufactured Cdr in jewel case packaging, released in a limited edition of just one hundred copies.

Many thanks Adam!

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