CR/DE Gothtronic Review

Wilt is the alter ego of James P Keeler who was assisted by Dan Hall on this double album. Next to musician Keeler spends his time as a painter and sculpture, which can be seen in the melancholic and beautiful artwork. Don’t get distracted by the death metal logo (with crow) and the choice of font. We aren’t listening to screaming Scandinavians with a love for speed and blackness: Wilt makes beautiful, melancholic and serene dark ambient. Spherical instrumental songs that are mainly create from dark ambient ample and which are accompanied by the occasional piano or guitar.

Wilt has been around for some time now (10 years already) and this double album contains tracks from 2005 to 2009. There is not much difference between the two albums, which isn’t always a problem. Not this time at least. Think Kammarheit, think Elegi. Think short dark days and long black nights.

Band: Wilt(int)
Label: Ad Noiseam
Genre: ambient (ambient / soundscapes / ritual / drones)
Type: cd
Grade: 7.5
Review by: Ergo

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