Disc 1 : Track 9 : Serpent Dream

Slithering serpent, crept slowly down the
path of eerie cedar and crushed forest death.
At times, he crossed my path, as I warily stepped,
stepped, stepped. His serpent forked tongue
brushed my heels, as a reminder that I am not
alone. There are the others with their tainted breath.
I am uncertain which way will lead me to the
right path towards the light--departure from pain and
certainty from the freedom of others. The others who's
foot steps castigates who I am and will ever be. In
the light all will be seen. Life is full and green once
more with gleaming voices, chirping on high.
what a dream.
what a dream.
there is none.

Words: Marlo Suderski
Visual: Marlo Suderski

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