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WILT: Cemetery Road / Dead Electroniks

A double CD celebrating Wilt's tenth anniversary, "Cemetery Road / Dead Electroniks" contains a new full length album by these veterans and central figures of the American's dark experimental scene and a homage CD, in which eleven remixers (from well known acts to newcomers) pay their tribute to the depth and innovation that paved Wilt's way so far. From a deep and touching combination of drones and acoustic sounds to a noisy and demanding new take at the past, Wilt's new opus is both a foundation stone and a beautiful festive statue.

In 2001, a young act called Wilt sent a demo to the then even younger Ad Noiseam label, a deep and gritty album of sonic experimentations and long drones. This recording evolved to become "Amidst A Spacious Fabric", bearing the catalog number adn3 and being the first "real" pressed CD on the label. Eight years and after three more albums on the label later, Wilt is celebrating its tenth year of activity, something which Ad Noiseam obviously couldn't pass on (all the less considering that Wilt is the act with the most full lengths on the label).

A long affair, this tenth anniversary package starts with a new CD album, "Cemetery Road", and then leaves the stage to eleven remixers paying homage to Wilt (the second CD, "Dead Electroniks"). Coming with a beautiful, frozen in time artwork, the whole thing shows the past and the present of Wilt, allows to take a wild guess at the future, and underlines how essential this act has become.

With "Cemetery Road", James Keeler and Dan Hall (the second member of Wilt since 2006's "Dark Meadows") lay a very low-key, carefully planned album mixing intensive experimentations with melodic acoustic instrumentations and the menacing drones which have been a trademark of Wilt since its inception. Rumbling noise, though still present, has been relegated as a foundation for the monument, making of this first CD the most aesthetically accessible Wilt release so far, and something which not only active-listening drone fans can enjoy, but intelligent (post) rock fans as well.

Clouds of a noisy past are brought back for "Dead Electroniks". Between Wilt's preface and epilogue, eleven remixers have come up with new versions of material released in the ten prolific years of the band. Some are high-profile for this scene (such as Navicon Torture Technologies' Theologian new moniker, the always underrated Veil Of Secrecy or Venezuela's veteran Cornucopia), some are label mates (Larvae and Horchata), and some are newcomers, excited at the prospect of remixed a band that has risen as one of the forenames of America's dark experimental sound. Things get then gritter, heavier, more electronic and definitely more noisy, but also feature a diversity that shows both the variety of Wilt's material and the one to be found in the noise scene. Yes, it's distorted and harsh. But give it another listen, and you'll slowly realize you're not always drowning in the same dark waters.

Ad Noiseam congratulates Wilt for ten years of intense, dedicated and innovative music, and hopes that the release of this double CD will allow fans and newcomers to enjoy this act's music. Looking forward to the next ten years.

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