Its Coming!!!

FALL 2009
WILT: Cemetery Road / Dead Electroniks
2 x CD
Ad Noiseam Records
Includes remixes/collaborations with: Luasa Raelon, Josh Lay, Mark Solotroff, Larvae, V.O.S., Theologian, Locrian, Horchata, SICKNESS, Climax Denial and Cornucopia.

Final Track Listing

Disc 1:
1. Red Bird, Black Sky
2. The Weight of Headstones
3. A Small Release
4. Escape
5. A Deaf Cry
6. The Realm of Shattered Prisms
7. The Grim
8. Symptom of the End
9. Serpent Dream
10. The Remainder
11. To an End

Disc 2:
1. Constellation
2. A Case of Castration Anxiety {Climax Denial}
3. Megalith {Cornucopia}
4. A Room with Neither Entrance, Nor Exit {Theologian}
5. Entombed in Velvet {Luasa Raelon}
6. Beyond the Valley of the Dead {Veil of Secrecy}
7. Signe Correct Correspondant {Mark Solotroff}
8. In the Shadow of Dead Angels {Josh Lay}
9. Void {Locrian}
10. The Blood Runs Thinner with Each Breath {Sickness}
11. Broken Diodes {Horchata}
12. The Many Armed Beast {Larvae}
13. Dusk

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