2012, Fire Coming

As we approach the questionable "last year" of our existence, let us bask in the burning light of new WILT. Several new works are in progress including a tape and CD for Fall of Nature, a collaboration with Veil of Secrecy (VOS), mutual fumes of depression with Marax and more. As for the WILT sound...expect a return to burning clouds of texture, black murk, psychedelic electroniks and dreary blackened folk. Thanks to everyone's support in 2011! We hope to send you out with a long wall of furnace drudge.

Exclusively being recorded (and possibly released) in 2012

WILT: TBD Cassette + CD (Fall of Nature)
WILT/VOS: Split CDR (Cohort Records)
WILT/CROWN OF BONE: Neurosis of Enthralment CDR (Obfuscated Records)

That's it...no more till we transcend into the next plane. Who knows such things.

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