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From Plague Haus:

Enemata Productions: 2007
Format: C60 Cassette

Wilt is one of the projects that I’ve slowly become obsessed with over the years and one I’ll continually post reviews for. I will snatch up anything I see posted on a message board or slid into a myspace bulletin without a second thought. The duo of James P. Keeler and Dan Hall have been extremely prolific throughout the years since that first pre-21st century CDr. Just browse Discogs and you’ll scroll down for what seems like forever.

Most of the time when a band has this much output, you have to question their quality control, but I have yet to lay my cash down for anything and be disappointed. My only real complaint is, with so much material on so many different labels, it’s impossible to keep up unless you’re extremely connected or maybe on the guys’ mom. That’s why I chose to throw out my 2 cents about this release, just in case it passed unnoticed under your radar.

Wilt are kind of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to ambient/drone/noise/whatever music. They can slide in and out of styles like an eel through seaweed. This particular release stays mostly in the ambient and drone arena with sudden jolts of noise. There’s a total 70’s analogue synth B-horror vibe to the tracks, which apparently was the intention. Mission accomplished. Layers of subsonic white noise, muted screams and eerie bass rumbles roll out of your speakers and across the floor like Halloween haunted house fog. I love this band.

All this wrapped in a pro-printed jcard with graphics that would be at home on a Verotik comic book. Definitely worth the effort to track this one down.


Annihilvs: 2006
Format: CD

Beautiful waves of warm sound enshrined in terror invoking wings of static noise. Noise, experimental…whatever you want to call it, these releases are hard to review. Most are complete shit, a big “wow, look how cool and underground I am” jack-off.

Wilt are giants in a field of dwarves. Using guitars, keys, loops and who knows what else, they manage to create a sonic sculpture that fuses the organic with the machine with Borg-like precision.

The yin and yang of the compositions is insane…soundtrack ambient drones accompanied by nose-bleed inducing sub-harmonic rumblings.

Take the track “Scarecrow” as a for instance. One minute I’m afloat on gentle strains of ambient keyboards only to have my world fucking shattered with a gun shot bolt of sound that literally made me come out of my chair. I threw up a little.

Such is the ride with Wilt. I am new to their world but have begun my backwards descent into their discography. This disc is amazing and I’m looking forward to hearing more.


Trash Ritual: 2007
Format: 2 x Cassette

Sludge bass drones crash head on into harsh treble wails. One thing I’ve always dug about Wilt is their ability to push the envelope and do things a little different. This is raw basement noise recorded straight to an old reel-to-reel 4 track and fucked with for maximum feedback damage.

Sick analogue PE for the new millennium…Wilt ├╝ber alles.

Elegantly spray painted double c22 cassette release housed in an old-school VHS box with a zine like insert. Old porn ist krieg. Limited to 75 copies, better get it while the getting’s good.

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