Disc 1 : Track 10 : The Remainder

In the dead of night, creep the beasts of dread, burning
their foot steps into the fruitless soil of destruction.
Who are these beasts? They are the comers, bringing
forth nothing but emptiness- shallow pits of nothingness.
They heed none but themselves. The many have tried to
escape from this end, but the clutches of these beasts
entangle all. There is no escape, only entrapment.
During the moments that the beasts reign, one can
see the inner working of self. It is only then that
darkness is greatest... ramped exhaustion consuming
all that you are and all that you could possibly be.
Dismantled pieces remains in the depth of the saturated
soil of destruction. Flowing tears reveal imprisonment
of past deeds- the deeds that have swallowed you
whole and consumed your existence.

Words: Marlo Suderski
Visual: Marlo Suderski & James P. Keeler

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