Disc 1 : Track 4 : Escape

The smallest glimmer of light still rests
inside of me. It is the light of hope
which I can barely grasp in my
weakened state. At this moment I
am alone, so I am safe. Though fear
still screams in my head. Treacherous
fear, I wish its intensity can stop the
beating of my heart. What will
be next? My mind races.When
will he return?

I hear foot steps. It is the cracking
of twigs and leaves beneath the
soles of his boots. I begin to shake.
It is the purity of true terror which
controls my body now. I am no longer
safe. He has come back for me. As
the handle turns on the tattered
door, and slowly cracks open, I begin
to feel wet lines stream down my face.
I must be crying, but, I can not make a
sound. For if I do it will begin all over
again and again. As he enters my eyes fall. I
stare at the floor paralyzed. Step by step
he approaches, smothering any glimmers
of light...slipping from my grasp; slipping from
my heart.

These are the moments that I know there
is only one way to escape. Freedom from
this decrypted place. But, I am the puppet
and he is the master, so he must choose to
free me. All I can do is hope he will tire,
so to smother his desires. Then I will be
free and I shall leave peacefully, covered
in red.

Visual: Marlo Suderski
Words: Marlo Suderski

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