Disc 1 : Track 1 : Red Bird, Black Sky

I will be free.
It is strange how the voyage towards salvation anguishes within my soul. If these moments of existence were simplistic, would the passionate drive for fulfillment "be less the fruit it bares". I am a wondering stranger lost in travels touching the world with my fingertips, tasting with my lips. It is completeness that I seek. The fields of passion so sweet, I crave for this sweet passion. "Contrived existence will be yours", said the spirit... I feel the call. Wind beckoning, it whirls, vivacious chills against my warmed body, creeping bumps serpentine down back. The raw soul is pure. Tantalizing dreams, fantasies...Run in the wild with the wolves, I am free, branches of life beating against m tattered body, blood drips from hands and feet...Swim to the mystical depths of the sea, I am free, dolphins splash calling with their shrilling bark beating, beating like drums in my ears...Fly riding the wind, I am free floating in a sea of gaseous elements, like a bird I shall fly high in my sky free from all even me. Listen close. Celestial sounds call, singing songs, cherubic voices of angles say my name..."You who dwell in the shadows of this earth shall find refuge". I am a tree reaching up, up, up, dance the dance with the winds against my coarse dilapidated bark with chirping songs of everlasting music interwoven amongst my branches, the birds shout. Blind foolish ones see stamina and fortitude standing tall, miles high, the solid trunk is my being...look deep at my base, deeper, you must pierce my body with your eyes only then will you see how deep my roots lie. That is my dark side, untouched by the rays of warmth, hope. It lies deeper than my dreams and fantasies. Weaving between the rock and dirt. Jaunty cold wet earth saturates my heart. Stretching arms wide embracing the darkness, it's my journey to hell.

Image: James P. Keeler
Words: Marlo Suderski

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